Monday, September 6, 2010

Easter Crafts & Graduation

Spring was busy this year. Brendan and I had lots of school work, but we found a bit of time to make some fun crafts for Easter. My favorites were the chocolate covered Oreos on stick. They turned out so pretty!! So I turned them into my center piece for the table. Gotta love Cadberry eggs!

By the end of April I thought I really wasn't going to make it. So many group projects to finish and papers to write, but I made it through and GRADUATED!!! So crazy! The day I never thought would come (especially sitting in my Business Finance class) was here. I walked in a crazy long line in the Marriott Center, down through the tunnels where i had seriously 5 people fix my hair before i went and walked across the stage. My days living in the Tanner Building and Harold B. Lee Library came to an end. It is finally time to enter the work field full-time.
Linds and I. Never would have made it through our classes without her!