Sunday, March 6, 2011


So I'm not going to write a lot... lets just say that my family came in town for some skiing over President's Day (which is still "legally" Washington's Birthday by the way, I just found that out) and we got 3 days of snowboarding in over an 8 day period. It sounds kind of lame for living in Utah but for us that is kind of awesome. So here are some picks of us up at Solitude and Sundance.It snowed just about all weekend, except for Monday which was beautiful. We had fresh powder as our late welcoming to the season.

Did I mention that it snowed all weekend? Because it did.
This one is super small because Megan is making a funny face and I think that this is the only way that I could get it on here.

Sundance wasn't quite as nice as Solitude but you get pretty spoiled after spending two full days in fresh powder and having an entire mountain to you self (I hope that I'm not bragging). Nonetheless it was pretty darn good too.

I will however very openly brag about my awesome wife Megan. I challenge anyone's wife to be a better snowboarder than her (stipulations: she can not have been snowboarding for more than 3 years spending now more than 3 days snowboarding per year). With that said she was awesome. Next time I'll take some videos to put up.
I've said more than I've intended so to sum up: Solitude had LOTS of powders, Sundance was still pretty good, I have an amazing snowboarding queen for a wife.
Yep, that's about it.