Sunday, October 19, 2014

Carly Maternity

This summer we spent some time on Lake Michigan with the Tobler family. With such yummy beach and water I couldn't resist taking some maternity pictures of both of my sister-in-laws! I'm still working on the second set, but here are some of Carly's! We can't wait to welcome both baby boys next month to the family!

Hazy at 6 Months

I can't believe my baby is 6 months old now! She sits up already like a pro and is curious about everything! She loves green beans, squash, and paper if she can get her hands on it. Oh, and water! During her bath the other night she even tried to roll over only to find she couldn't do it without getting water in her eyes, but no problem, she just closed them and proceeded to lap up as much as possible before I could pick her up and drain the gross bathed-in water!

As evidenced in these photos, she is a smiley baby, but only when certain requirements are met.
1. Warm
2. Home
3. Have the attention and devotion of both Mom and Dad

I love her great smile and even more when she is so happy she giggles until she screams with delight. And make no mistake it is quite the scream!

I am not sure its possible to love her more! I feel so externally bless to have her!