Sunday, January 9, 2011


These were some cupcakes Carly and I made for Annalise's Birthday Dinner! It was kinda dark when I took them. Sorry! So cute though!

This Red one is Brendan's creation. Reminds me of flames! :)
The one in the middle with the candle is for Annalise!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Summer Concerts

So I guess that it is my turn to write something. I was supposed to keep up with the concerts that we have been to but instead I will simply give a quick recap.
In June we went to see Mates of State. We got there a little later than we wanted but to my surprise the place was empty so we got a bench in the back and watch everything rather comfortably form the back. It started off with a side act show which was plenty entertaining but deserves no more comments. After that guy was the opening band Free Energy which was surprisingly good. They were really up beat and a lot of fun to watch. They were comprised of 5 guys, all skinny with long hair and shirtless with holey jeans, except for the bassist who was big guy, short hair, clean cut beard and a flannel shirt. Any ways they were kind of great. This pic kind of gives you an idea of what they look like. Then Mates of State came on and they were great, super personal. They'd play a few songs and then talk for a bit. About halfway through their set they pointed out two guys in the audience
who they had pulled off the street earlier during the day because they need more people to play soccer with and then they gave them free tickets to their show. Why was I not wondering aimlessly around Salt Lake? I need to start doing that. Anyways it was a pretty awesome show. Here was my attempt to be as cool as Christopher and keep a play list... yeah, I'm not that great at writing stuff down in the dark nor actually knowing the name of their songs off the top of my head even when I knew them and everything. Any ways, pretty awesome concert.
We kind of need to get better at taking pictures at concerts.
So we were supposed to go to a bunch of free concerts at Pioneer Park in Salt Lake but much to our dismay we only really made it to one. But it was awesome. We saw She and Him, who even despite our being all the way in the back and surrounded by annoying college kids (I know, those darn college kids), were fantastic. I really don't know what else to say beside that how can you not love Zoey Deschanel and who is really cooler than M. Ward? Honestly. And if you thought that our shots of Mates of State was bad check this one out.I don't even know if they're on stage or not, so instead here is one of us.P.S. We heard Modest Mouse from the street but couldn't see them but that was pretty awesome too.