Sunday, February 17, 2013

Christmas Conclusion

Harry Potter World- Be still my beating 14yr old heart!


Drink Butterbeer
Ride Dragon Coaster
Ride Hogwarts Ride- (Try not to cry with how amazing it was!)
Drink Butterbeer
Visit Zonkos
Ride Hogwarts Ride
Explore Honeydukes
Buy a Chocolate Frog
Drink Frozen Butterbeer
Ride more rides
Test out Pumpkin Juice
Look at wands in Olivanders
Drink Butterbeer
Dinner at the Three Broomsticks
Ride more rides

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas Part 2 - DisneyWorld

Disneyland/Disney World is a place that never gets old for me. I love it! It is truly one of the happiest places on earth. The castle, the fireworks, the music, the rides, the food, the princesses, the memories. It's a place where magical things happen and dreams come true. This trip was no exception. I have wanted a family photo for years now and I have never had one. Even my wedding family photos were complete because my brother-in-law, Tyler was unable to come. So my goal was to get a family photo...AND I DID! It was nothing short of a miracle as many of my family members hate candid photos being taken, however the Disney magic worked and I got my family photo. (Zack, next time you need to look at the camera!)


I don't know who spent more time holding Zack, Nichole or Annie! 

Grandpa making faces at Baby Zack!

Zack was so good in his stroller! He is  so smart, he learned a new trick. How to open the snacks!