Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Explored Rome - Day 2

Memories of Rome

"Best Hot Chocolate EVER!!!!" - Meg

"And this is the new wing... It was built in the 1500's." - Ginevra 
""  - Brendan

"Where's Megan?....Taking a picture of an alleyway. Of course." - Brendan

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We Explored Rome - Day 1

Memories of Rome "Halls and halls of gorgeous artwork. Some of the best in the world. Even the ceilings are breathtaking. One day is not enough time to appreciate the Vatican... I wish I didn't feel so dizzy. The artwork seems to be dancing in front of me... Finally! We made it to the Sistine Chapel. The pictures did NOT do this justice. This ceiling is enormous! Oooohhh! A BENCH!! I must sit down for just a minute....CRAP!!! I fell asleep in the Sistine Chapel! I am sitting under a timeless masterpiece and I fell asleep! Darn you jet lag!" -Meg
"We took some directions from two Fathers to get to a market, which they said was called GS but is was really called CF. Any-who, they said that if we were up for it we should keep going after the market and a few kilometers farther up would be a majestic lookout over the entire city of Rome.So we found the CF, or GS, and decided that we were up for the hike and kept on trekking until we reached a road that had enough room for one person and one on-coming-car-at-high-velocity. We squeezed through the street as we thought that this was probably the joke the fathers play on non-catholics.Finally we made it to the top of the hill which had a lovely park but... no view, only very tall trees. It was pretty, but not what we wanted. Slightly disappointed and very tired we began our long hall home, but we dared not walk back down the alley of death and chose what appeared to be a much more enjoyable and safe way down the hill. As we made our first turn on the path down we got a glimpse of that majestic view of Rome the father mentioned.The view was stunning. Apparently someone messed up on giving or following directions, but I think it would be bad luck to blame it on the father." -Brendan
"Hmmm...I think I will use the sheets I packed tonight..." -Meg