Thursday, February 24, 2011


I LOVE some of the cupcakes have chocolate fudge in the middle, some have caramel, and others are normal cupcakes.
(Basically, the ones I was lazy and didn't feel like filling!)

Just Like Tangled

For our ward FHE our Bishop bought us lanterns just like the ones in Tangled! So even though it was freezing, we bundled up lit our lanterns and waited for them to fill with hot air. Once they were big and warm we all let go and watched them fly. Ours burned the highest and longest...or at least I think so :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

So today is Valentine's Day...except that we celebrated on Friday, a non-schoool day. So today was really just a Monday. I went to work and ran some errands and after running errands I have decided that Walmart is the funnest place to be on Valentine's Day at about 5pm. While I have always greatly enjoyed people watching, it is particularly wonderful on Valentine's Day.

As I walked through the store, I watched countless men standing by the flowers holding about three bouquets trying to decide which was better. I watch as another guy reading the Halmark cards. There were the usual dressed up men with bunch of flowers and box of chocolates (obviously on their way home from work), but there were also large tattooed men carrying ridiculously stupid looking stuffed animals, scrawny teenage boys with pants that were WAY too tight holding the smallest, saddest bouquet of flowers I have ever seen, and the cool guys standing in the baking aisle discussing how to make sugar cookies! I'm not exactly sure why it made me so happy to see them all. Perhaps its that Valentine's day is an equalizer of sort. The old, young, cool, punk, nerdy, and downright awkward all going to great lengths to find a Valentine's present for the one they love!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Random Post with lots of Pictures...

I couldn't decide if I should call this one catching up since I have a sneaking suspicion I could call almost every blog post that. Next time I will just call it "Story of my Life".

Anyway Brendan and I managed to make it downtown while we were in Denver for Christmas! I got to show him were I worked and we walked 16th street mall and saw the capital. They had all their Holiday decorations up and their statues all over the place were cool too! Good Day!Once we got back to Utah we decided to get together all of Brendan's cousins together! So fun!
I also have to post this photo because this is my FAVORITE little boy!! Joey is my friend Elise's little boy who lets me watch him. He's pretty much the cutest little guy out there and looks great in a fedora. I would keep him if Elise would let me! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


So I know its been a few months since Octobler (A Tobler October), yes I know its February. Doing some catch up. Here are our pumpkins! Brendan's is Mike from Monster's Inc. and mine is Frankenstein. We had the entire district over carving pumpkins this year. Ten couples, 20 pumkins, and 0 injuries! Hooray!! :) After the pumpkins were carved, it was time to clean up and decorate for fall. I love fall! All the crunchy leaves, the crisp air, and the fall smell!

And what would Halloween be without the fun crafts??? Dipped oreos...SO FUN! Brendan and I had a blast coming up with all of our witches, spiders, and skeletons. Then as if we didn't need moreFitting for Halloween I also managed to burst a blood vessel in my eye. Serious! Had no idea that was even possible. But one morning I looked in the mirror and my eye was all bloody! So I googled it immediately to find out that it wouldn't hurt me and it would take about a week for it to go away. So I spent the week freakishly watching my eye as it got grosser and grosser. Naturally, I should have picked an awesomely, creepy costume for Halloween right? Nope. Couldn't think of a thing. So I chose a costume with a hat and prayed not one saw my eye at the ward party. ( I did take a picture but I decided not to include the picture for your sake. Your Welcome!)

Despite my eye, the Halloween party which was pretty great. They taught us how to do the Thriller dance...and by us, I mean our ward. I watched and took pictures :) We did break a Halloween couple rule though...we didn't coordinate our costumes to be a famous couple. We were not Mickey and Minnie. We were not Bella and Edward (though I tried). We were not Aladdin and Jasmine. We were Cowgirl and Gangster.