Wednesday, March 19, 2014

24,192,000 Seconds

403,200 Minutes
6,720 Hours
280 Days
40 Weeks
9 Months
1 Average Pregnancy...

and after next week, I will have endured them all! What I didn't add into this drill down of time is that the last month (and any time spent nauseous)  minutes counts like minutes in a football game. Only 10 minutes on the clock? That'll be at least an hour. Time is tricky like that. In some ways, I feel as if I have been pregnant forever and in others, I feel like it was just yesterday I found out. But then I remember it was hot and muggy when we found out and it hasn't been warm here in ages.

So while I approach my final days of being pregnant I thought I would finally put down some of my thoughts from the last 39 weeks.

A few lessons learned while being pregnant.

1. Every pregnancy is different, so don't compare yours to anyone else's and don't worry about what symptoms you may get!

2. Pregnant women deserve medals for simply not lashing out and hitting people who make comments that are truly horrible. And for not complaining every second of every day.

3. There is no pregnant parking at Disneyland. Apparently walking is good for "pregnant people" according to the man working the parking lot.

4. You cannot avoid waddling for the entire 9 months. Eventually, try as you might, you stop caring and give in and waddle.

5. Cravings are not usually the sudden inspiration of something weird that sounds great. Cravings are usually running through every food imaginable and landing on one that doesn't sound disgusting.

6. No matter how many weeks along you are, you will never stop worrying about this baby. (Pretty sure it won't go away even after she's here.)

7. Just because someone else was able to run a half marathon while pregnant (the amazing Sabrina) doesn't mean you will be able to run even a mile no matter how much you may want to.

8.You cannot do everything you want or used to be able to do. Examples: ride roller coasters, run, pick things up, remember everything you used to, stay awake.

9. Even in the middle of the worst moments a part of you is still grateful for this horrible moment because you know in the end you get to have this precious little bundle join your life.