Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hazy's Princess Party!

I can't believe she's one! She loved her cake, cookies and presents, but mostly she loved the balloons!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How do you sum up a year???

How do I even begin to sum up this year? Its been a wild ride, a dream come true, and the hardest year of my life. The days were long, but the months were short. I've had to learn how to find the energy to work out, get ready, keep cleaning while taking care of a rather demanding soul everyday. How to stay busy and not lonely while trapped inside with a sick baby in the never-ending greys of winter. How to keep a baby/crawler/now walker! entertained every day. How to keep a house running. How to battle my anxiety about caring for a baby. (Is she getting enough sleep, too much? Why is she crying? Has she eaten enough/too much today? Is she teething or getting sick? Is this schedule the best for her? Have I given her a well rounded meal? Is she choking on that? What did she just put in her mouth? Do I push her enough to be independent? Am I setting a good example and teaching her enough about her Heavenly Father? WHY IS SHE CRYING THIS TIME????.... plus about a million other questions) I'm not saying I have mastered these, just that I am figuring them out one day at a time.  I guess the best way to sum up this year is....WE SURVIVED ONE YEAR!...and I love it!

When Hazel was born I wanted to have gorgeous pics of each month as she grew. I have to say its hard to get good lighting, a happy baby and a cute outfit on her month birthdays! This idea was much cuter in theory than in practice, but I still find it fun to watch her grow despite my poor photography efforts.

Month 1- Terrified of the monkey

Month 2- Cheeky Monkey

Month 3- Funny Monkey

Month 4- Monkey Friends

Month 5- Happy Monkey

Month 6- Forget the Monkey

Month 7- Too cute for the monkey

Month 8- Sick Monkey

Month 9- Flying Monkey! She kept throwing the monkey off the chair!

Month 10- Hiding behind the monkey

Month 11- Sleeping Monkey

1 Year Birthday Monkey

Happy Birthday Hazy Girl!