Saturday, May 28, 2011

OAT Cake

No, its not oat cake, it O-A-T Cake.
A celebration of Brendan finishing his OAT test!

And guess what....


Congratulations Brendan!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just Out for a Run

Brendan and I before we start our races in Indiana.

Brendan + 13.1 miles + 1 hour and 46 minutes = AMAZING!!!

Meg + Brooke + David + 3.1 miles = FUN!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Have you ever had that moment when you have a completely unrelated thought pop into you head to a question that you had hours, days, months or even years ago?
Well it happened to me and it made me feel like Archimedes when he figured out the gold crown thing and ran through the streets naked yelling "Eureka!". I would have done the same, except that I was at work, on BYU campus, and they are a little more strict about the dress-code than ancient Italy.
So, anyways, I was sitting at work, thinking about music, which led to soundtracks, which brought in the movie "Singing in the Rain" (which I haven't seen in years by the way) which then brought up a life long question that I have had:
Why the heck is it called "Singing in the Rain"?
He only sings once in the rain. It is ridiculous to name the whole thing after one song that really has nothing to do with the story. Then I thought about the story; some guys make a movie, the movie flops, they make a better movie out of the horrible movie, and there you go. And then it hit me... they are all "singing" in the rain! It is like making lemonade out of lemons, making a good situation out of a bad situation...
EUREKA! It all make so much sense now.
For the rest of the day I shared this amazing news with everyone that I ran into... most were not as enthusiastic as I was. But it doesn't change the fact that I am pretty darn happy about this discovery that I have made, and don't go raining on my parade by bringing up something about the Great Depression, because I don't want to hear it.
So there you go. Next time you watch "Singing in the Rain" you wont be as confused as I have been my entire life.

P.S. Speaking of music, have you ever listened to "Einstein on the Beach" by Philip Glass? That whole CD is my new question for the rest of my life.

Easter Stuff

Cake Pops!!!




Oh my!

What do you do with THIS many cake pops???