Sunday, June 26, 2011


So we went camping like a month ago and are just now getting to talking about it, with our friends the Pratts (Gary and Natalie). That's them...
Gary picked the spot out for us. He said it was a short hike into camp... which meant 20 min! But no big. We got our tents up right before it started to rain, which continued on and off all night. That is when we realized that we didn't bring anything to do inside a tent, so Gary and I ran down to our car, drove out of the canyon, bought a deck of playing cards, drove back up the canyon, and ran back up to the campsite. We played cards all night in their tent and between showers roasted marshmallows.
However the morning after was great and we went exploring and stuff and it was pretty beautiful out there.
And yes, that is Meg shooting a hand gun.

All together, despite the rain, made for a great camping trip.