Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day

Brendan started his first day of Optometry school. I think i might have gone a little misty eyed, but not because he was all grown up, but because I am not sure I will see him much for the next 4 years....

This was taken the day before school started, and a few hours before his "back-to-school" haircut. I had to include it! He looks so sharp!

Brendan was kind enough to take a photo of me on my first "official" day of work. Brand new clothes always help me face a really scary day!

I use official because I actually started the Friday before when I went to the company's quarterly meeting. I was told it went from 8-1. I was great with that. Dressed in my nicest suit and went ready to make a good impression. Since the meeting was over an hour drive away, they mentioned everyone was carpooling so I hitched a ride with another employee. Then at one when the meeting was over I looked for my ride. To my shock and horror, we were now all going to the lake house and I "brought my swim suit right?" Um NO! I did not think a swim suit was standard protocol for a quarterly business meeting. Thankfully, my ride was willing to stop at Walmart. My thoughts were these....

  1. What on earth am I going to find in 10 minutes or less that will fit, be modest, something I might wear again and not cost a ton?
  2. What would Tim Gunn say???
  3. I am gonna "MAKE THIS WORK!"
After a quick survey of the place, what did I end up with? 
  • One grey t-shirt for $5. 
  • One pair of black capris on clearance $1. 
  • Kicked off the heels and went barefoot and pulled out the sunglasses FREE 
Why hello cute, casual look perfect for a work party for a total $6! Thank you Tim Gunn!

Sorry! I couldn't figure out how to rotate once I upload from my phone and I am too lazy to fight with it tonight. But yes, I was in the Ohio business newspaper along with all the other people in the state who got promotions and new jobs this month!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

We are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

In our efforts to explore Columbus as much as possible before Brendan starts school and I start my new job, we decided to make a trip to the zoo. Number 1 in the Nation!

 We had some family come join us for our fabulous day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic Night

We decided to have an Olympic feast while watching the opening ceremonies.

English Pancakes
Cucumber Sandwhiches
USA Flag Berry Jello with Raspberries

German Village

Yummiest Burger EVER!!!

New Friends!
Look close and you can see how this tree took down the tennis court fence. There are trees like this everywhere after our HUGE storm that left 2 million people including us without power for days!

Free Happy Birthday ice cream from Grater's (Just ranked number 6 ice cream place in the US!!! Number 1 on the list is also in Ohio and its wonderful as well). Check out the size of the chocolate chunk!