Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Part 1

I am woefully behind on blogging! So catch up Part 1 here we go. Brendan and I went to a live nativity at a local church near our townhome. When they said live, I had no idea they meant live animals in the church and everything! I got to pet the animals! My favorite part was the shepherds who were rowdy!

I then got busy getting gifts, finishing work, and baking Christmas treats. Blue Raspberry Sugar Cookies. They turned out beautiful and delicious!

December was also my month to host Optometry Wives Club so we made hair ties! Thanks Mom for the best idea!

It seemed to take forever, but we finally hit the road and made our way south to Florida! Our road trip was spent taking pictures of the cities we hit along the way. We decided to stop in North Carolina to see some friends the Leiningers. We then went to the Tobacco District for dinner at the best pizza place, the Mellow Mushroom, where we happened upon a Christmas Tree show! So after dinner we walked through the park and saw over 75 decorated trees!