Sunday, April 17, 2011

I don't think it counts as peganism.

For all of you happy people in Provo and the great Utah Valley that have been enjoying this wonderful spring weather that we have had for the past week and are wondering who to thank for such a great think, look no further because it is us that you should thank.
A week ago from Saturday, Meg bought this happy little yellow wreath.
That day was raining, sleeting, and snowing and down right gross.
So we charged the wreath to do its magic and make it spring and bring happiness and balance to the Provo weather.
And that is exactly what it did,the rest of the week was forecast-ed as rain and possible snow but that Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and we have had only sunny days for the entire week minus a few clouds here and there and some little showers during the night.
Each day would say that there would be rain the next day and then they just keep getting pushed back.
Amazingly enough it was supposed to storm today, but its not.
So for all of you who live in Provo and are looking for someone to thank and give gifts to for the wonderful weather, just look for our wreath and leave them by the door.
Your welcome.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chocolate & Coke

Two of my favorite things are:

1. Chocolate

2.Diet Coke

So when I found a recipe for Coke Cake, I couldn't resist! :)

And by the way, its DELICIOUS!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

For 8 Year Olds or College Seniors

So I saw this kit for a cardboard tank in the market the other day for $2.00 and I thought "That looks like fun and easier than a real model. I think that I'll get for Brandon and me."
So I got it. It said for ages 8+... they lied. It came with no instructions except for a map of all of the pieces with numbers on them. The idea is to match the number with a piece that has the same number. The pieces were supposed to slide in to slots very easily except they don't.
Despite all of these difficulties we did it. Brandon and I made this awesome tank and it looks
pretty dang awesome and I am kind of a little jealous that I let Brandon keep it.

Megan said that I couldn't keep it in the front to show it off anyways though so it is probably best that I didn't get it.
Here's Brandon, he didn't want his picture taken so I had to sneak one.