Friday, July 27, 2012

It's A Boy!!!

Surprise!!! WE HAVE A BABY...
Which I believe makes us first time aunt and uncle.
We made the trek down to North Carolina to visit Meg's sis Nichole and her new little boy Zack, and since no one really cares about the trip as much as the pictures I think that we'll just leave it at that.

Most of the time he just slept.

And if he was awake he usually just ignored us...
...but we managed to get a semi-smile here and there.
Meg made the cutest little shoes for him. The first of many most likely.

On a side note, due to the low altitude we were able to make our own little creations too. For the first time the chocolate chip cookies actually puffed up like their supposed to.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Food Memories

We know that everyone is probably sick of our 'travel slides' by now but we would like to take a short break from our life in Columbus to reminisce about a few of our favorite things that we discovered while meandering through Europe... the FOOD.
The first thing that we ate after stepping onto Italian soil was of course Gelato... it was to be the first of many.
Even a meal from a shameless tourist trap tasted better in Rome.

"Had a LOT of hot chocolate in my life but this is by far the best... Heaven, pure heaven!" - Meg


It wasn't until we left Rome that we began to appreciate the free running water on every street corner.


(although this position would be challenged later)

Our most common breakfast/lunch/dinner - bread, cheese, and fruit...

...and then eat it somewhere AWESOME!


"This pizza kind of reminds me of my middle school cafeteria lunch." - Brendan


Meg's dinner - garden salad with an extremely flavorful lite dressing
Brendan's dinner - Fleischpalatschinke... what ever it was it was DELICIOUS

Aura Maria's dinner - same as Meg
Eric's dinner - Wiener Schnitzel
"Dang it. I want what ever it is that the guy behind us got... oh, that's what I ordered? AWSOME!" - Eric

"OOOOH, that's what a falaful is... yes please." - Brendan

Austrians put WAY more apple in their strudels than Americans do.
The dried coconut and muesli would become our staple snacks for the remainder of our trip.

Hummus for dinner, except the yellow one might be an egg salad sort of thing.

This is how we ate most of our breakfasts/lunches.


Yes, that is a bucket of meat sitting on several liter mugs that were once full of beer.
No, we were not able to sample the meat or the beer.

Auria Maria is holding a jar full of a marshmallow/nutella cream which we shamelessly ate out of for beginning in Munich until it was unfortunately forgotten in Marseille.

"Why is it that yogurt is SOOOOO much better in Europe?" - Meg

We did not actually try one of these pizzas but we felt it our duty to document that they do exist.
Speaking of vending machines...


The beef soup was delicious but strangely lacking in beef.

Guess which one we liked more, the German cheesecake (left) or the traditional German poppy seed cake (right)?


We stopped in Brussels just long enough for some frites and waffles.

When we asked Kristin what she suggested to eat in Paris she said "Crepes, crepes, crepes!"
So we did as we were told.

It was this guy who made fun of Brendan's pencil behind his ear.

Meg still eating her dried coconut.

"Smell my ice cream" - Meg


The macarones were great, the pie thing under the macarones was AMAZING!


#1 BEST BREAKFAST... mostly because it was free.

This was our last dinner in Europe, eaten in that order.


CHICAGO DOG, first meal back in the states.